How to Prevent Mice from Entering Your Home

Are Mice Dangerous to Have in Your Home?

Mice are small, unassuming and even ‘cute’ critters and many people are surprised to find out just how dangerous these pests can be in your house. Mice can squeeze through a hole as small as the width of your ordinary pencil and multiply rapidly. There is hardly such a thing as a small mouse problem. Even if you spot just one of these rodents, you can safely assume that there is many more tucked way in a dark place in your attic, in your walls or behind appliances and it is time to call a mouse control Toronto company.

Why Mice Are Dangerous

You need to call an exterminator as soon as you realize you have mice living in your home for the following reason.

Diseases: Mice carry a variety of diseases including Hantavirus, Plague, and Rotavirus. But do mice have rabies? According to the CDC, mice are almost never found to be infected with rabies and are also not known to transmit rabies to humans. Some of the viruses and bacteria are airborne so you don’t have to physically touch the rodents to get infected. In fact, your air conditioning unit could be aiding the spread of these diseases. Young children are especially at risk of infection.

Destruction: Rodents are known to chew virtually anything they can sink their teeth into and mice are no exception. The animals need to ‘trim’ their teeth which may otherwise grow too long. This explains their insistent gnawing and chewing of wooden pillars, cardboard boxes, insulation and more. The biggest risk, however, is of a house fire. The pests chew through electrical wires located in your walls or attic and bare wires are a well known a recipe for disaster.

Contamination: Experts believe that a mouse will contaminate up to 10 times the amount of food they eat. Mice are omnivorous so no food inside your house is safe. You can easily get sick by consuming food that has been contaminated by the rodents.

Call a Professional Exterminator to Get Rid of Mice

Snap traps and poisons stand out as the most effective ways to control mice. These should be left to the professional exterminator in Ontario to use because DIY extermination has an extremely high failure rate.

Laying poisons and traps in a home with young children and pets can lead to potentially fatal accidents if you don’t take the appropriate safety measures. The rodenticides that are available over-the-counter do not contain the potent active ingredients (such as diphacinon and chlorophacinone) available to licensed exterminators. The manufacturers of over-the-counter products tend to exaggerate their effectiveness.

An exterminator can guarantee successful mice removal and help to rodent-proof your home to prevent such an infestation in future. Cleaning up after extermination is also a health concern since the diseases are equally present in rodent feces, urine and nests. Professional pest control Toronto services also include cleaning and disinfecting to discourage other rodents from taking the place of the evicted mice and to eliminate the risk of contracting diseases.

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