Case Study: Interior Carpenter Ant Removal in Leaside

Case Study: Interior Carpenter Ant Removal in Leaside

The following case study details a carpenter ant extermination in Toronto.

Leaside, Toronto

Leaside is located in the east end of Toronto and is comprised of a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial complexes.

Known as one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in the city, Leaside was first developed in the early 1900s by the owners of the Canadian Northern Railway. The town of Leaside was incorporated in 1913 and became part of the township of East York in 1967.

The Leaside Viaduct circa 1928.

We will look at an infestation of carpenter ants around a home in Leaside which quickly became a nuisance to the homeowners.


After noticing many ants crawling near a balcony door, this homeowner contacted us to inspect and determine what should be done to exterminate them.

We dispatched one of our licensed exterminators to investigate. Once on the property, we concluded that the ants were carpenter ants, a destructive species that can colonize inside walls, roofs, or subfloors of a home. These insects will chew through wood to create nesting areas, potentially causing major damage to the structure.

Unkept Yard Weeds Carpenter Ants
Unkept yards can attract various pests including carpenter ants.

Primary activity was observed in the rear of the home on a second-floor balcony. Carpenter ants were seen making their way along the outside of the property and down to the backyard, which was unkept and likely the nesting site.

Carpenter ants can enter homes from the ground level or can sometimes scale walls and make entry through an upper-level window or door. This particular home’s balcony also faced southwest. We have found, from experience, that carpenter ants are most attracted to south-facing exposures.


Our technician proceeded to treat the exterior of the home with a commercial grade insecticide. This highly effective insecticide was sprayed along the balcony door and window frames as well as on the walls and along the foundation of the home, thus creating a barricade into the house. Its residual properties ensure that when it dries it remains for an extended period of time- up to 90 days. When carpenter ants come in contact with it, they die almost instantly.

As added protection, we also sprayed insecticide inside the home, near the affected area. This will ensure that if any ants enter the house, they will be promptly exterminated. Our insecticides have extremely low mammalian toxicity and can be used in areas frequented by children and pets. The premises are usually vacated for a period of time before it is safe to return.

We then placed a bait station containing a special get insecticide. When ants come across this attractive bait, they will either die soon after consuming it, or they will carry it back to their nest where it will spread to other ants.


It is important to notify a professional pest control company as soon as you observe carpenter ants in or around your property. These insects, once inside a house, can potentially infiltrate the wooden structures of the home and start chewing through them to create nesting spaces. This can cause major damage.

Carpenter Ants

Our team of certified exterminators is trained to identify problem areas and potential nesting sites, allowing us to exterminate carpenter ants in a quick and efficient way.

All our insect extermination work is backed with a 6-month warranty, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.