Identify Carpenter Bee Damage

Identify Carpenter Bee Damage

Carpenter bees have the tendency to drill perfectly circular shaped holes into untreated wood uncovered by bark. Their activity usually takes place into a log, dead trees, and when we talk about urban areas, edges. These carpenter bees are solitary in nature, but it would not be considered odd if you see multiple carpenter bees living together.


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The first signs that you can identify carpenter bee damage by with is a perfect round hole about 16mm in diameter in the edge of an exterior trim or in the soffit area. The clues and the signs in an urban area are more subtle, but if you pay attention to where the holes are situated you can usually see sights of sawdust right underneath a fresh entry-point. You can start looking for traces as sawdust, which is called frass officially, exit holes, and the bee themselves by observing their flight path. Since carpenter bees are seasonal insects they actually like to come back to the place where they drilled their original nest and because of this the nest can become larger each year leading to the wearing of the structure to be significantly worse. Because the nests are so perfect in shape the nests can easily be mistaken for drill marks and people can walk right passed them without have any suspicion at all. 

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Carpenter bees usually like to nest itself into softwoods because they are easier to penetrate than harder woods. Usually when you see holes in a bunch of logs at random you can conclude that these are most likely the job of a carpenter bee. When you see older structures you can see the wood already decaying of the moisture is absorbed and being exposed to the elements since the bee left the nest.

Carpenter bees have the possibility to create a threat when you do get closer to their nest, or if they feel they are attacked. In most cases it is the male that watches over the area. The male carpenter bee is only able to display aggression while the female is the one that can sting. If you have been stung seek medical attention right away. 

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