I caught a rat now what?

I Caught a Rat Now What?

You noticed some rat activity and got a rat trap. A few days later your trap has yielded a reward; you have caught the rat that has been destroying your kitchen and causing a lot of sleepless nights because of its endless gnawing and scratching at night. Now what? If you have managed to trap a rat in your trap, its recommended that you reset the trap as soon as possible to ensure you catch more rats. Knowing how to catch a rat is essential for a successful eradication. Rats are shy creatures, and if caught in a trap alive they might get injured trying to set themselves free. It’s very important that you don’t attempt to kill a rat that you have caught alive. Due to the environmental effects that they cause, it’s better to call a rat removal Toronto service or animal handling agency to evacuate the rat immediately. Most importantly, avoid handling the rat with your bare hands, since rats are known to be contagious and might be harbouring diseases. You could also get an allergic reaction when you get into contact with their fur that might be stained with at saliva, urine or feces.

Humane ways to catch a rat

Rats are annoying, and they often leave a trail of destruction everywhere they go. You will get mad when you notice your $50 cable has been gnawed by a rat. You will get more furious when you notice a hole in your most expensive suit. While these actions are unforgivable, killing the rat responsible won’t make the situation any better.

There isn’t a shortage of traps, poisons, and repellents available, and in case you are not looking to kill a rat that got into your house, your options could be pretty slim. One of the best ways of trapping a rat without killing it by using a live rat trap.

  • A live rat trap needs to be large enough that an entire animal can be able to fit inside. The best kind of live humane rat traps is small depending on the size of rat you are looking to trap. It’s recommended that you get the 1 or 2 door models.
  • Another way you could trap rats without killing them is by using clever DIY methods. However, you need to note that these methods are not effective in case you have a rat invasion. Some of these clever homemade traps are:
  • Bucket and spoon trap. Set some peanut butter on the handle of a spoon and balance it on the countertop where the rat frequents in such a way that its right over a bucket. When the rat goes for the peanut, it falls into the bucket.
  • Bucket and cardboard. Roll the cardboard into a cylindrical tunnel shape. Balance it on the countertop where the rat frequents. Put some peanut butter at the end of the tunnel over a bucket. The rat will fall right into the bucket trying to reach the peanut at the end of the tunnel.

How to set a humane rat trap

Rats normally travel on paths such as wall ways and wires. They will use these pathways time after time, and often it’s the best place to set up your humane rat trap. A rat trap on its own is useless, meaning you will have to get a bait that will successfully lure your rat into your humane rat trap. Here are a few tips on how to set a humane rat trap:

  • Peanut butter or dried fruit is a great choice for roof rats and Norway rays
  • Avoid touching the bait with your hands, rats are wary of human scent, and it might take them a long time to bait them if they can smell your scent on the bait. Use gloves when setting up your trap.
  • Make sure you position your bait in a way that will lure the rat to fully enter the rat trap stepping on the trigger pan.
  • When you are ready to set the trap, ensure, the doors are open. Each trap has a unique setting mechanism, make sure you completely understand the instructions before baiting.

In case trapping your rat in a humane way is unsuccessful the best call of action is to contact a rat extermination service near you. Due to the health risks and destruction rats cause, it is best to handle this problem with the help of a professional. Rat removal services are also able to trap rats in your house in a humane way.  Call the Exterminators at 647-496-2211 or check our online shop for some rat control products.