What Do Mice Eat

How Well Do Mouse Traps Work?

Mouse traps are among the most effective rodent control methods and are relied on heavily by many professional exterminators in Canada. The effectiveness may vary depending on the type of mouse trap because there are several different types including; electric traps, plastic snap traps, plastic enclosed snap traps and catch-and-release traps also known as live traps. The plastic enclose snap trap is preferred by most exterminators because it is safe to use in an environment with small children and pets. Apart from the type of trap, how you use the trap plays a dominant role in whether or not your efforts will be successful with mouse control Toronto. Sealing mouse entry points is also very important and you can use caulk to seal them, but can mice chew through caulk? Mice easily can chew through silicone caulk and it is not the best solution. Professional exterminators use specific techniques to seal mouse entry points.

Using Mouse Traps Successfully

Unsuccessful trapping has little to do with the effectiveness of the trap and more to do with the user’s knowledge. Successful use of mice traps depends on;

Aggressiveness: statistically, the first night of trapping is the most successful of all subsequent nights. This is when to leverage the traps since the mice haven’t learned to be cautious about the new danger. Placing multiple traps on the first day increases the chances of successful extermination.

Location: arguably the most important factor in successful trapping is a good placement. The areas with the highest rodent activity come to mind. These may include behind appliances, along walls and in dark corners. It is crucial that you identify mouse runways or paths since the rodents use the same path regularly.

Number of Traps: most people assume that one or two traps are enough to get rid of your mouse problem. The truth is you may need to rely on up to six traps to catch just one or two mice. Coverage is also essential here, thus placing the traps at regular intervals of 2-10 feet increases the chances of success.

Good Bait: a little goes a long way where mouse bait is concerned. Just the size of a pea is enough to lure a hungry rodent. Opt for high-protein baits such as fried bacon, peanut butter, chocolate, oatmeal and salami. The most successful bait is usually what the mice are already used to eating.

Hire a Professional Exterminator to Get Rid of Mice

The effectiveness of mouse traps as a rodent control method is irrelevant if you don’t know where the animals are nesting, areas of high-activities or runways, the type of food they prefer and where and how to set the traps.

Only a professional can guarantee safe and successful extermination. It may also be necessary to use an alternative pest control Toronto method such as poisoning which is best left to the discretion of the expert. Traps are only as effective as the person using them so hire a professional exterminator in Canada and ask for a warranty of at least six months before the job begins. Feel free to check our selection of mice traps and bait stations.