How To Thoroughly Clean Your Kitchen

How To Thoroughly Clean Your Kitchen

Thoroughly cleaning your kitchen is the most important task you should do as it has a direct impact on the pest and rodent presence of your house. Cockroaches especially love the kitchen as it gives them everything they need right in one spot. Cockroaches thrive on water, food, and moisture which is easily accessed by going to the kitchen. Even the tiniest crumbs can set off a frenzy in the kitchen especially when you forgot to seal something or did not mop the floors before you went to bed. People going to their kitchen at 3 AM know the horrors of standing face to face with literally dozens of cockroaches creeping and crawling all over the place. To tackle this problem efficiently, you need to keep the kitchen neat and tidy at all times to make sure that cockroaches and rodents such as mice and rats do not find an excuse to come to your kitchen unannounced. 

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The key is to free up all your cabinets first from crumbs and other forms of spices, powders, and herbs. You have to empty all your cabinets and empty everything before proceeding to wipe everything down with simple water and soap before putting everything back in. Next, you want to tackle all the surface areas including the countertop and the tables surrounding the kitchen for this you can simply use warm water and soap to do this and wipe it all down. 

When you get rid of all the crumbs and all the tiny bits that you are not able to see you can drastically reduce the chance of having a full-blown infestation. The problem with this is the upkeep when you slip into the same habits of not keeping your kitchen tidy it increases the chance of having pests and rodents paying you a visit. 

Mopping and vacuuming are essential because of the materials the flooring is made of. When someone owns rugs or carpets you potentially create a pantry for other bugs to go there and have a steady supply of food indefinitely. You need to vacuum every day and mop the floor too as some bits and pieces may not be picked up by either one of them. 

Food is a major source and the reason why rodents and insects flock to your house. Once you cut off the access they do not have any reason to stay there anymore.