How to sanitize your cellphone and other tech?

How to Sanitize Your Cellphone and Other Tech?

Here are some things that have been proven to be breeding grounds for bacteria and should be cleaned daily at the end of your shift. By doing all these tasks collectively we all can reduce the chances of getting ill greatly. Hiring a disinfection service in the GTA equipped with the right tools and knowledge of treating commercial property should seriously be considered as in-depth knowledge of bacteria prone areas are treated carefully with the help of non-toxic environmental-friendly formulations making it a decision worth investing in treating areas that are neglected and unknown. 

Phones – They have become such an integral part of us we do not think of them as separate from us. Which isn’t odd at all considering they have most of our bacteria by touching the touchscreen surface 24/7. A disinfecting “swipe” regularly should do the trick.

Laptops – in most cases have replaced computers altogether and especially in these times where most of us are used sitting at a desk at work have now replaced it with a laptop in our room. As the frequency that we spend with our laptops is increasing so is the need to disinfect them. Aerosol spray for the keyboard and a damp tissue for the screen and finally a disinfectant wipe should do it.

Staplers and tape dispensers – These essential items are often picked up and used by multiple people a day so be sure to clean every surface is with a disinfectant wipe.

Keyboards – Keyboards are one of the most used pieces of equipment used in the office today and frankly one of the most ignored when it comes down to cleaning. Crumbs, hair, random pieces of debris, and frequently touching the keyboard make this a bacterial heaven to thrive on. A moist paper towel with a dab of soap lightly passing through all keys paired with an aerosol spray should unlatch the crumbs and random debris between your keys.

Mouse – wherever you have a keyboard, you have a mouse that gets touched as frequently as well. Make sure to wipe down the entire surface regularly with a disinfectant wipe.

Sanitizing and disinfecting make up an essential part of any procedural operation where hygiene stands paramount considering the thousands of customers putting their trust in you serving them with the best food and service they can get. Our disinfection and sanitization service can ensure that the right professionals take care of your office using non-toxic chemicals to ensure that the probability to contract any illness is low.