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How to Rat-Proof Your House

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No matter how tiny they may seem, when rats get into your house, they have the capability of wreaking havoc. They are irritating and can cause a lot of physical damage to your house as well as pose health issues.  Rats chew up furniture, cables, spoil stored food and spread contagious diseases. Therefore, before they get a chance to get into your home and rain down destruction, it’s safe to rat-proof your home.

The first thing you need to do before you embark on rat-proofing is to identify all entry point. Rats will get in from cracks, vents, gaps, and holes in your house. Ensure they are all sealed. Its also important to maintain good hygiene, since rats are attracted to a dirty environment. Remember, a clean, clutter-free house will not only discourage the rodents from getting in but also make it hard to find spaces they can hide and build nests.

Rodent proofing

The average home has about 12 entry points rats could get in; this is a very disturbing realization. If you are serious about keeping them out, then you need to check every entry point and ensure they are sealed.

  • The roof. Rats love the roof; it’s a quiet, dark place where they can nest and play around. The most common rat in Canada that makes a habitat out of your roof is the roof rat. They get their name because they spend 90% of their time off the ground. In case you have gaps in your ventilation, chimney or cracks, make sure they are sealed to ensure roof rats don’t get in.
  • Check your garden. It needs to be clean and free from garbage, pipes, overgrowth or logs because they offer perfect living conditions for rats. Also, clear out your garden by maintaining it regularly, an untidy garden will attract rats to your property.
  • Pipes and wire lines. They are potential passages for rodents. It’s advisable to fix in metal rodent guards on pipes and wires to help keep off the rats.
  • Maintain proper hygiene. It goes without saying; a clean house will not attract rats and mice, a dirty house, on the other hand, will have all the neighbourhood rats swarming to your home.

In case you are not sure of where to check for entry points or how to rat-proof your house. Contact a rat removal service in your area; they will help you identify possible entry points and permanently keep rats off your property.

Mouse proof mesh

Mice can be hard to control; this is because they can fit through surprisingly small spaces. That is why it is recommended that you seal possible entry points with mouse proof mesh. Mouse proof mesh has holes that are no greater than 6mm X 6mm. A good rule of thumb is, if you can get a ball pen through a hole, a mouse can fit through it. If you are looking to keep mice off your property, a mouse proof mesh will likely do the job.

Sealing up your house from rats

When sealing rat entry points if possible, its recommended to use hard rat proof material. A rat is adapted to gnawing through anything, whether its chicken wire, bricks or wood. Therefore, you will need to do a thorough job if you want to keep a determined rat away. In case you have gaps or cracks in your walls or vents, have them sealed since this could be a potential entry point for mice.

Check your roof for gaps or holes in your ventilation, also ensure that trees in your garden are not close enough to your roof to the point of contact; rats can use this as passageways. Install rat guards on pipes or lines connected to your house. Rats often use these lines to climb into your house through the windows.

In case you house if fully sealed and you still have mice and rats moving in, consult a professional exterminator. They will evaluate your property and determine the best way to keep rats and mice out of your house for good. Call a professional rat control company in Toronto to perform the extermination and subsequent cleanup. The expert will also identify all potential entry points and seal them accordingly to avoid a future rat problem. Call the Exterminators at 647-496-2211 or check our online shop for some rat control products.



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