How to Get Rid of Spiders Completely

How to Get Rid of Spiders Completely

So, you want to get rid of spiders for good? The key is to make your home unattractive to spiders and physically block them out. Spiders feed solely on other bugs, so it is important that you remove whatever is attracting those other insects. Then, find every hole they could be using to get inside the house and seal them off. Spiders are creepy, stealthy little creatures, but you can keep them out with some consistent maintenance. If you are currently dealing with a severe spider problem, reach out to The Exterminators: 647-496-2211.

In the short-term, you can get rid of spiders by crushing them, hitting them with a flyswatter, or scooping them up in a vacuum cleaner. You can also use the variety of pest control products available at your nearest hardware store. Sprays eliminate spiders on contact or provide lasting protection, eliminating the spiders that walk onto sprayed areas. Likewise, spider traps work passively by catching the spiders that crawl onto them. If you don’t want to hurt a spider, you can trap it under a cup or jar, then slide a piece of paper underneath it and release the spider outside.

To get rid of spiders completely, you must keep the house as clean as possible. This will remove hiding spots and eliminate the insects that the spiders are feeding on. Start by reducing clutter and performing a deep clean, then get in the habit of regular maintenance. Store pantry goods in sealed containers, vacuum regularly, and avoid leaving any food out overnight. Anything that attracts flies will attract spiders. Then, set up a dehumidifier in the basement and check that your bathroom fans are working properly. Spiders like humid air, so fix all leaky faucets to reduce moisture.

Once you are done cleaning, seal all entry points with expanding foam or caulking. Check your window frames, door frames, and siding for cracks and seal them up. You can also seal the cracks in your foundation with a patching compound or cement mixture. Replace any bug screens that have holes in them and put weatherstripping to the bottoms of your exterior doors. Then, make the yard less attractive to insects by removing piles of leaves and grass trimmings. Maintain the lawn and move woodpiles a few feet away from the walls so that insects do not hide near the house.

If you continue to struggle with a spider problem, call a local pest remover for help. A licensed technician can perform an inspection to find the causes of the infestation, then treat the area to get rid of the pests completely. He or she will have access to higher quality pesticides that reach deep in those hard-to-reach areas where spiders hide. A professional can also perform a perimeter treatment on your property to keep crawling insects out for months at a time. For all your spider control needs, reach out to The Exterminators. We provide safe and effective solutions to all household pests.