How To Get Rid Of Rats In The Walls?

How To Get Rid Of Rats In The Walls?

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Rats have similar needs like humans. They too, need a warm, cozy and enjoyable shelter to live in. Our homes can offer this environment including an abundant source of food and water. Consequently, our buildings provide them all the suitable amenities to settle and reproduce. You might be hearing scratching, scurrying or even running noises behind your walls at night. That is a possible sign of a rat infestation. If you suspect any signs of a possible rat outbreak in your premises, do not hesitate to contact our Rat Exterminator Toronto Experts and they will serve your needs instantly.

Regardless of the fact that walls appear to be a strange place for rats to exist, there are several reasons that make them appealing to these little creatures. Primarily, walls are dark and quiet while they have a number of electrical wires and plumbing. That suits them perfectly since they can easily navigate themselves between their nests and their scavenging spots. Additionally, some rats lose their agility and fall in the walls while trying to get to their nest. The efforts of that rat trying to climb up the wall, results in those eerie sounds at night. Finally, walls serve as optimal rat nest environments. They are dark, warm and safe which makes them an excellent breeding ground.

Walls are rather a tricky place to get rid of rats in your building. Traps are obviously impossible to be placed. On the other side, rodenticides will eradicate your rats behind your walls, but it will very likely result in unpleasant odours of corpses that would be almost impossible to remove. The first step for you to take, would be the inspection and the sealing of all the possible entry points. Keep an eye out for ground level gaps in places such as the A/C, under the sliding, air ducts, around pipes or outer walls. Thereupon, seal any holes you might encounter with steel mesh, a material that rats cannot gnaw through. Once sealing is done, you should proceed placing snap traps in the attic near the entry points of the walls. Additionally, you should be able to remove dead or alive rats trapped in there. If they are out of your reach, place some poles or ropes to assist them coming up and eradicate them with your trap presence.

In conclusion, walls are a rather complicated location and the eradication of a rat infestation behind your walls can result in a time-consuming task and multiple headaches. Rats breed and reproduce at an exponential level and they can damage your property seriously while putting your own and your family’s health at risk. Considering all the consequences that a rat infestation at your property might bring, we greatly advise you to call immediately a professional pest control company in the Toronto area. Contact pest control exterminator for further assistance and for a future rat-free property!


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