How to disinfect the kitchen after bed bug infestation?

How to Disinfect the Kitchen after Bed Bug Infestation?

When an exterminator has visited your home you might be relieved but there are some things to take care of when s/he treated your property for bed bugs. It is important to give the treated rooms some time before entering them. Some people who might be immune-compromised might have to consult their physician to do some risk assessment due to the formulations used during the treatment. The technician will tell you what and what not to do. When rooms are treated it is generally a rule of thumb not to enter these rooms for at least a couple of hours. Important is to open all windows and all doors to let the air circulate throughout the house. An important step to undertake is to vacuum clean all the flooring and the carpets for the next 3-4 days to ensure that you are capturing all the bed bugs. Remember you can see bed bugs on wood after the treatment. Do not miss any surfaces underneath furniture and under your bed. To make sure your bed bugs stay away, hire the technicians.

The next step is quite critical, you need to wipe all the surfaces down with warm water and soap. You might see some translucent bed bug sheddings here and there. It’s important that you know how to recognize them. Including the tabletop, the sink, and the oven area. It is very important that you go through your cabinets and pantry and every other space since food is stored inside. It is very important that you vacuum and mop the floors regularly to limit their access and the reoccurrence that they will come again. 

When you happen to see bed bugs anytime make sure to contact your technicians on time. They might have to do another treatment again. It is important that you do not wait. 

When people encounter bed bugs they usually turn to home improvement sites in the hopes to find a miracle cure for their bed bug infestation. It is safe to say that these methods are either temporarily in nature or are not effective at all. Bed bugs are impossible to treat without professional intervention and this is due to the minuscule size and the places they usually inhabit. Bed bug control services such as The Exterminators Inc. employ professionals that have been in the field for several years and have the skill and expertise to effectively target the swats of bed bugs in your property with the latest set of formulations. Technicians are trained and licensed to safely handle the formulations that are truly effective in such a situation that yield real permanent results.