How to detect deadly Asian hornets

How to detect deadly Asian hornets

Japanese Giant Hornets are very aggressive and very territorial. They also travel very far in search of food, much farther than normal wasps and hornets. They are also much bigger, growing as large as a couple of inches and one sting can be fatal to animals and even humans.

The Asian or Japanese Giant Hornets have been recently discovered in North-America. It is strongly advised that, if stung, you seek medical attention immediately. If you suspect a hornet invasion contact Hornet Nest Removal Toronto.

They come from Japan and were likely delivered here in containers of fruit. They are very fond of sweet things and will often hide in bunches of fruit. They were shipped over the ocean and landed in America where they have spread to Canada. This wasp is one of the most dangerous and severe threats to our ecosystem perhaps ever. How do we identify these pests? It’s quite easy.

They are very large, some in Japan have frown to the size of a small dog but that is unlikely to happen here as the food is not as available to them as it is in Japan. They must work with what they have in Canada like smaller insects and bees. They are dark brown or black in colour and have stripes of yellow and orange, their wings are dark and quite large. Seeing them is knowing what they are, they are that obvious and if you see one you should move away from it right away. If they sting you, you may survive but a child will have a very severe reaction to there sting and so will small pets. 

These hornets are attracted not only to insects but also to sweet things, when a swarm attacks a bee colony they kill and eat the bees, the larva, and the honey. They love anything that smells sweet, leftovers, fallen ice cream, garbage, and compost heaps. They will float around them consuming the food and then run off to the corner of your yard to lay eggs, this is how some of the giant wasps breed, they dig tiny holes and lay eggs beside grubs and insects they have stung and decapitated. When the egg hatches the larva will eat the insect or grub and grow stronger. This is not so bad as there will never be that many of the wasps on your property but if they decide to make a large nest with a queen and thousands of wasps then your property could become very dangerous very quickly. There are many things you can do to keep them away. Store your garbage properly in a tightly sealed container in your garage, make sure the door closes all the way to the ground. Clean up after you eat outside and these hornets may not even bother coming to your property.