how to deal with carpenter ant in your walls

How to Deal with Carpenter ants in your Walls

Carpenter ants are a menace. It’s hard to tell they are there at all until its too late and the colony has reached maturity. If you think you have these ants in your walls, the signs are simple to find, little holes in the walls with fine wood shavings underneath, then you will need to make some serious changes to you home and maybe even call a professional for some serious help to remove carpenter ants.

Carpenter ants don’t start their primary colony in the home. They start it on the property. So if you have carpenter ants in your house they are often just workers building colonies. The real colony is outside in some pile of wood or an old stump. So make sure to clear away all rotting wood on your property, burn it or dispose of it, whatever is easiest but get it off your property in garbage gabs so the ants can’t escape back onto your property. 

You can also limit the ants access to water and food by cleaning your kitchen vigorously and storing all food in sealed plastic containers. Water can be found almost anywhere in your house. At the bottom of sinks and bathtubs and even in the toilet. Ants have no issues with drinking from a toilet. So these places, as well as leaky faucets and pipes must all be sealed before you can really deal with your ant issue. It is best to contact professional carpenter ant exterminator Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home ant-free as soon as possible!

Once its all been cleaned and sealed you should call a professional at the exterminators inc, we can help you get rid of the internal ant problem and even the external one as well. Our tools and hospital grade insecticides are highly effective on ant populations and within 4 weeks your issue will be over. 

Call The Exterminators – Pest Control Toronto. Now to get an appointment, before its too late!