what does a carpenter ant nest look like

How Common Are Carpenter Ants in Toronto?

Toronto has a climate that is attractive to certain insect species, the carpenter ant being one of them. These ants like to form their colonies in wood, and the wooden structures inside of a home are the most attractive due to the general safety of a human dwelling. In addition to wood for colony harborage, carpenter ants will also seek to make their nests indoors due to the relative ease of finding food and moisture for sustenance. This ant species is fairly common in Toronto and local pest control specialists are well-versed in addressing carpenter ant eradication and get rid of carpenter ants.

Carpenter ants will typically enter homes by way of cracks around window seals or doors, which is made much easier for them if these entryways are left open for long periods of time. Worker carpenter ants will typically be on the move throughout the day searching for attractive spaces to establish a new colony. Moisture and decaying matter (such as food particles), along with sugary liquids are the primary substances that will be picked up by carpenter ant antenna.

Once worker carpenter ants have picked up a scent, they will then enter a home or continue foraging around porches and even roofs to find a suitable piece of wood to begin the infestation process. Due to Toronto’s plentiful population and climate, carpenter ants will be active in the area from spring until late fall. You can generally find them in areas of your home composed of wood that is close to the point of entry, such as window seals and the wood around door frames. It is best to contact professional carpenter ant exterminator Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home ant-free as soon as possible!

If carpenter ants are left undisturbed, overflows from a crowded colony may start to branch out deep into a home seeking wood structures to forage through. Many Toronto homeowners sometimes mistake carpenter ant colonies for termite colonies. If you want to spot them, try searching through wood structures in your home at night, which is when they are most active.

Carpenter ants are a common ant species throughout Toronto. You can usually find them in areas made of wood that are close to moisture or easily accessible food sources. Since this species of ant is so destructive to the wooden interiors of homes, diagnosing, treating, and preventing the problem can be an exercise in extreme frustration due to their elusive behaviour. Always consult pest control Toronto professionals to inspect damaged wood in the home, this is important to rule out the presence of carpenter ants vs termites.