Exterminating Cockroaches in Apartments During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Exterminating Cockroaches in Apartments During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In the time was confinement to people houses or apartment is essential is practicing social distancing during CoVID-19. It can be especially hard for people whose living space is not as large as others. You can call us for safe pest control Toronto services

The likelihood of getting bug infestations is thus higher as we are spending an increasing amount of our time indoors providing thus another incentive for the pests to enter our property. As most of us are confined to smaller spaces and we’re social interaction is out of the question put into place by government mandate. Keeping your living areas proper and arranged as possible is key to limit the probability of an infestation. Cockroaches are known to consume everything from garbage to debris in sewage systems it is essential that you keep the food and water source away from them by practicing the appropriate measures to discard food waste immediately. As we are all dealing with this pandemic disinfecting and taken measures to ensure proper personal hygiene is paramount to stay safe during these uncertain times. As hygiene plays a very important factor in the way we all live our lives, we cannot understate the importance of eliminating cockroaches from your house as they are, as earlier mentioned, scouring for food anywhere anytime which includes the sewage system. Cockroaches are known to carry a host of diseases with them as they travel from place to place.

When dealing with cockroaches, you must know which species of cockroach you are dealing with, and most likely it is the prevalent German cockroach. The German cockroach prefers the indoors, which makes apartment buildings seem like the perfect safe harbour. They are between a half-inch to an inch in length and a light brown or tan colour.

If you happen to spot a cockroach in your apartment that matches this description, you will have successfully identified your unwelcome flatmates. Make sure you call an exterminator immediately upon seeing a live cockroach in your apartment. A professional pest control service is the best way to proceed when you want to get immediate results. 

As we are all dealing with the unprecedented consequences from the recent COVID-19. Our service has taken up extra measures and safeguards to make the process of treatments as safe and as careful as possible. We use non-toxic interior treatments so that it makes it possible to remain indoors per coronavirus direction and our technicians come in full protective gear to ensure your safety. We also offer disinfection services in Toronto catering to those who are in need of a clean proper residence or commercial property.