Do Rats Attack and Eat Mice?

Do Rats Attack and Eat Mice?

Rats are a species of rodents that have uniquely learned to adapt to their living conditions depending on their circumstances. While it seems odd that rodents would kill other rodents, it’s true that rats will kill mice depending on the condition and situation. It is highly recommended calling mice exterminator Toronto for immediate control and removal services. This is a phenomenon that has been studied by different scholars, and the term coined for this particular phenomenon is known as Muricide. This particular behaviour of rats to mice has had a genetic impact on the development of mice too.

So, why do rats attack and kill mice?

Well, the main reason a rat would attack and kill a mouse is that they are smaller and act as a potential source of food to the rats. Studies that have been carried out on this behaviour indicate that this is always the reason why rats kill mice. Mice are not the easiest prey to catch, and rats that have an abundance of food will rarely attack mice for food when encountered. However, when food sources are scarce, mice are a delicacy for rats.

How do rats kill mice?

Scientific studies that have been carried out on this behaviour indicate that rats will often kill mice with their first bite. When they attack the mice, they have been known to deliver the bite to the head and neck area, and sometimes the upper back area where it is normally presented to them. Most times the key is to try and deal with the prey as quickly as possible. However, it has been discovered that when some mice notice an attack ensuing, they will rear up their hind legs to prevent such an attack.

Do rats consume attacked mice?

Not all mice carcasses will be consumed by the rats. However, several parts of the meat and body will be eaten, such as the neck area, liver, brain and other organs are likely to be consumed by the rats. Depending on the time, and the scarcity of food sources available at the time of the kill, some or most of the carcass will be eaten by the rats.

Do mice avoid rats?

A recently discovered developments in the evolution of mice is that they have naturally developed an inclination towards rats. This is normally achieved because mice have developed a fear instinct when they immediately pick up the scent of rat urine or when they encounter their scent. They will often look to vacate the area quickly to avoid encountering the rats in the area.

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