Do Carpenter Ants Create Many Nests?

Do Carpenter Ants Create Many Nests?

Carpenter ants are fascinating creatures and are remarkably different than what you regularly would find in your regular tiny ants. Each carpenter ant has a certain role in the colony. The queen is the most important carpenter ant in a colony because of her ability to lay eggs and to give birth to future generations.  Usually, carpenter ants have only one colony but there are situations where the number of carpenter ants in a colony becomes so great that there is a need for several other colonies that house several queens. Another role in the colony is the soldier who makes sure that the queen is safe around the clock. It is best to contact professional carpenter ant exterminator Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home ant-free as soon as possible!

To find a queen is a very hard task to accomplish since the queen is deeply hidden within the chambers of the colony. Another subspecies in the colony that has a rather important role in the colony is the male carpenter that is not of the worker or soldier subspecies. It will mate with winged females who then drop their wings and seek out new structures to colonize. Once a queen has found a new colony to set up in, she will lay her eggs and exist on fat reserves until the new colony emerges to start the cycle all over again.

Another subject matter misunderstood about the carpenter ants is that these ants do not chew through the wood but rather tunnel their way in through wooden structures with the use of their mandibles creating nests in colonies. Next to termites, these ants are the most damaging pests you can have in your house and it is recommended to get rid of carpenter ants as soon as possible. They can destroy wooden furniture in a very short amount of time and can cause homeowners astronomical amounts of damage when left untreated. One of the most obvious  signs of a carpenter ant infestation can be recognized by seeing holes and a pile of sawdust right underneath it called frass.

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