cat and mouse

Are Cats A Reliable Mouse Control Solution?

Perhaps you are familiar with the age-old tale of cats and mice being enemies for life. Cartoons like Tom and Jerry often depict the cat chasing the mouse. Many cats do make great mouse hunters, but there are some things you should know before you head out to buy a furry feline to control a mouse infestation or call our mice exterminator Toronto services.

Fact or Fiction?

As it turns out, cats controlling mice is a largely dispersed misconception believed by many. Cats might be a great option, but that is only if you can convince the cat to hunt the mouse. Even still, a mouse hunting and killing one mouse or even a couple is not enough of a control solution.

Long ago, people used cats as a form of pest control, but that was before pest control companies existed. For that reason, people commonly believe cats are a viable method of mouse control. In this day and age, urban living means mice swarm houses in large numbers. Therefore, the use of a cat is not efficient, nor is it effective.

Why it Doesn’t Work

So why does a cat not work to control the problem? There are at least a few reasons, such as:

  • Nesting: Mice build nests in the attic or deep within walls. Unfortunately, cats cannot access those areas to hunt down a nest of mice to kill them.
  • Entries: Mice can create convenient entry points that keep them safe when foraging for food in your home. Those convenient entry points make it possible for them to avoid a cat’s sharp teeth and claws.
  • Illness: Cats often carry a disease known as toxoplasmosis. If a mouse becomes infected with toxoplasmosis, it may increase their bravery, making them unafraid of feline predators. Also, mice become addicted to cat urine when infected with toxoplasmosis, so it may attract even more mice to your home. Mice might carry other parasites that can impact a cat’s health. But do mice carry fleas? The answer is yes, mice, just like any other animals harbour fleas.

Rather than removing mice from your home, your cat may very well attract them. Consider the fact that your cat’s food and water bowl may also serve as an attraction for mice. You may find a cat willing to capture a mouse, but it may simply view the mouse as a toy.

In other words, rather than hunting and killing the mouse, it will paw at it and play with it. In truth, your best method of control is the use of a professional pest control company. Relying on a cat is not the best method, nor is it a method at all. Cats are great pets, but they are terrible at mouse control solutions.

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