Case Study Carpenter Ant Infestation in Ajax

Case Study: Carpenter Ant Infestation in Ajax

We are going to take a close look at a carpenter ant infestation in an Ajax home. After a thorough inspection, our certified exterminators were able to treat the problem and ensure the ants were gone for good.
Tucked between Pickering and Whitby, the Town of Ajax is located in the Durham region, east of the Toronto. The town was first established in 1941 and soon became the site of a large shell manufacturing plant, employing over 9,000 people.

Carruthers Creek in Ajax
Carruthers Creek in Ajax

The University of Toronto leased much of the land after the war was over and converted most buildings into classrooms. By 1949, about 7,000 students had been trained in engineering at the University of Toronto, Ajax Division.

Inspection for Carpenter Ants

We dispatched one of our licensed exterminators to an Ajax house after the owner called us concerned about ants in the home. The ants had been seen in multiple rooms.

Carpenter Ant Activity in Ajax
A backyard window proved to be the point of entry for the carpenter ants and the area of most ant activity.

Upon preforming a detailed inspection, our technician found a high level of carpenter ant activity around the outside of the house. This usually indicates a colony is nearby and worker ants are active searching for food to feed the queen and young ants.
Inside the home, it appeared the ants were entering through a backyard window. Carpenter ants, once they sense food in a home, will find the smallest of gaps in a widow or door structure to make their way inside.

Carpenter Ant treatment

With such a prominent presence of the insects outdoors, we decided to create a full barricade along the exterior of the house by spraying a commercial grade insecticide around the foundation and around door and window frames. This strategy is used to ensure carpenter ants do not breach inside the property.
Our residual insecticide will adhere to the surfaces and will last for several days. Most ants that make contact with it will perish soon after, while others will carry it back to their nest where it will kill other worker ants.

Carpenter Ant Bait Stations in Ajax
Multiple bait stations were filled with a special granular insecticide that is taken by ants and fed to others in the colony.

We also placed multiple bait stations inside the home. These are filled with a special granular bait that is extremely attractive to the ants. Ants will pick up the bait and return to the nest to feed it to the queen and other ants, thus killing them.

Carpenter Ant Bait Stations
Bait stations were place in areas of high carpenter ant activity.


Our treatment of this Ajax home was implemented using two methods- spraying the outside areas with insecticide, thus creating a barricade, and placing bait stations in the home to attract the indoor insects. This strategy is highly efficient in exterminating carpenter ants. While the spray insecticide kills most ants on contact, the bait will be transported to the source of the infestation, their nest, in hopes of killing the colony’s queen.
All of our extermination work is guaranteed for six months. If carpenter ants return to the property, we will return and preform another treatment free of charge.