Summerhill Carpenter Ant

Case Study: Carpenter Ant Removal in Summerhill, Toronto

The following case study details a carpenter ant control service in Toronto, where the ants had chewed their way into the home. What had started as an exterior infestation of the back deck was spreading toward the interior living space.


The Toronto neighbourhood of Summerhill was named after the Summer Hill house which was built in 1842 by Charles Thompson. Mostly developed in the 1800’s, Summerhill is now one of the most affluent sections of the city of Toronto. Summerhill is situated in midtown Toronto along Yonge Street and is comprised mainly of older homes with some new developments along the main arteries.
Summerhill, Toronto
Toll Gate on Yonge Street north of Marlborough Avenue in Summerhill, circa 1870.
  In this study we will look at a carpenter ant infestation in a home in Summerhill.


One of our experienced, fully licensed exterminators was dispatched to a location in Summerhill after a homeowner called us concerned that carpenter ants had entered the home. Upon arrival, we discovered ants in multiple areas of the home. We suspected that the ants had been present for some time. Carpenter ants, once a colony is established, will scour nearby areas in search of food to bring to the queen and young ants.
Deck Damage by Carpenter Ants
Carpenter ants are a destructive insect capable of penetrating through moist wooden structures.
It was noticed that most activity was taken place in the back of the home, pointing to that area as a potential nesting site.
Decaying Deck Housing Carpenter Ants
Aged wooden steps can retain moisture which attracts carpenter ants. Water damaged wood is prime habitat for wood boring insects like carpenter ants. While they do not eat wood, they tunnel through it.


The most certain way to exterminate carpenter ants is to spray a commercial insecticide throughout the affected areas. The insecticide we use is amazingly effective in killing ants. It can act as quickly as within five minutes and it can last up to 90 days because of its residual properties. It is also low in toxicity, which makes it safe for use around children and pets. Outside the home, we sprayed with the same insecticide around the back of the home where most of the activity took place. Our technician also placed bait stations filled with a special gel bait that is highly attractive to carpenter ants. This gel, when in contact with the ants, will kill them. If the ants make contact with other ants, it will spread the insecticide and speed up the extermination process.


Carpenter ants, like termites, are very destructive. They can infiltrate into the wooden structures of a house and begin to chew the wood. Carpenter ants don’t eat the wood, instead burrow crevices where they can nest and reproduce. One of the signs that you may have carpenter ants in your home is the presence of sawdust behind walls, under floors, or in the attic. It is imperative that a professional pest control company is called in to deal with carpenter ants when found. Our team will determine the extent of the infestation and will act accordingly, ensuring the ants are exterminated in a timely matter. Our extermination work is guaranteed for six months and if ants return to the home within that time, we will return to correct the problem.