Can Carpenter Ants Destroy Drywall?

Carpenter Ant Damage Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance

Carpenter ants have caused large amounts of damage to homes within Canada. An exact figure would be hard to calculate, but conservatives estimate could be in the millions. With this in mind, you may be wondering if you can prevent any such nightmare by investing in homeowner’s insurance that covers damage from carpenter ants. Unfortunately, this is not usually listed as a reason to justify having this type of damage on a policy, therefore, homeowners must usually foot the bill for the damage caused by these insects.

A typical homeowner’s insurance policy does not consider damage caused by pests as a reason to take out a claim. This is due to the fact that you as a homeowner should be aware of any possible warning signs of carpenter ant damage. This can include the appearance of damaged wood that initially appears waterlogged, the appearance of sawdust-like frass around wooden structures within your home, or the visual confirmation of carpenter ants themselves.

An insurance policy expects that homeowners keep abreast of these possible warning signs and takes the appropriate steps to immediately remedy the situation. If you take proactive steps to inspect for carpenter ant infestations, which in Toronto is a necessity, you can catch the problem before it is able to escalate into a nightmare scenario. Do not rely on a homeowner’s insurance policy to foot the bill for the problem. Consultation with a pest control specialist should be the first action taken once you see or suspect carpenter ant or termite damage–since policies will also refuse to cover termites as well.

Even if you do not notice any active ants, a pest control professional can take the necessary steps to prevent your home from possible future infestations. It is certainly better to be safe than sorry in the long run. Keep all fresh wood away from the exterior of the home and have a pest control specialist use preventative measures to protect your home from foraging carpenter ants.

An insurance policy for your home will typically not include coverage for carpenter ant damage. It is your responsibility to make sure that any warning signs are immediately inspected by an exterminator to ensure that the problem does not become a costly one. It would be much easier if insurance policies covered against this kind of damage, but preventative measures and regular inspections from our ant extermination Toronto company can keep the problem from manifesting.