Can Regular Bug Spray Kill Bed Bugs-No

Can Regular Bug Spray Kill Bed Bugs: No!

At the first sign of bed bugs, or the possibility of a sighting, many homeowners run to their cabinets to see which bug sprays, alcohol-based poisons, or other roach/bug chemicals they have at their disposal. Stop right there; this is possibly the worst thing you can do if you notice a bed bug infestation. If you do not know what bed bug sheddings look like, it is important to keep your eyes peeled. Know what they look like.

To kill the bed bugs, they have to be dealt with, using specialized products, which are intended to remove, kill, and prevent them to return. You simply can’t take any can spray you have in the kitchen pantry, and expect this to do the trick in your bedroom, in attacking bugs that have penetrated your mattress.

What to Avoid

If you see bugs in the bed and suspect them to be bed bugs, or if you are certain infestation has taken place, there are some things you should, and some things you should avoid doing. Among the steps you should avoid include:

  • Choosing alcohol based sprays you have lying around the house.
  • Set out traps, or attempt to kill the infestation at the point of entry.
  • Use bug sprays, roach killers, or other chemicals you have lying around the home.

This is not only going to make matters worse, but it can also possibly lead to further problems with infestation. Even if you kill a few bed bugs, you aren’t targeting the root problem, nor are you preventing them from returning in the future.

What to Do Instead

This isn’t the time to put together some DIY spray, of every single substance you can find in your home. Nor is it time to pick up alcohol, and different solutions you have lying around, to make a spray at home. Instead, the approach you should take at this time is to contact a professional bed bugs removal company.

In addition to finding out the origin of the bugs, the right professionals know how to kill, stop the infestation, and prevent the future return of bugs.

Rather than try a quick fix, or making DIY sprays, it is best to leave this problem to those who know how to deal with it. Call the Exterminators at 647-496-2211 when you spot bed bugs in your home. We also feature a variety of bed bug-related products in our pest control online store.