Are there areas in Toronto that are more infested with mice than others?

Are there areas in Toronto that are more infested with mice than others?

Call The Exterminators Inc. for all your mice solutions. It all has to do with the abundance of food, water, and shelter in that particular neighborhood. When mice have access to these things, that will give them absolutely no reason to move out. They will start a colony and will breed rapidly. In most cases, you will not notice the infestation until a few years down the line. Mice are very sneaky and cautious rodents who will avoid any possible human interaction as possible.

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Downtown Toronto is notorious for its heavy rodent presence which includes rats as well. It is so infested that Toronto overall ranks number one with infestations and calls made for rats and mice. Structural degradation can also play a huge role in how easy mice can get into homes. Most houses in Toronto have holes, gaps, and crevices through years of wear and tear over the years. Know what attracts mice to your home by reading this article. Many owners are not aware of these entry-points that can potentially give way not only to rodents but to cockroaches as well due to their very flexible bodies. 

Pests need very little space to actually slip through holes and this is often an unknown fact which gets ignored a lot. Sealing up these holes will prevent any incoming pests from gaining entry. Neighborhoods that are close to urban areas that are filled with restaurants such as Koreatown, Parkdale, or Queen St. have an overall much higher chance of being infested with mice. This again comes down to an abundance of food, water, and shelter. 

There are ways to prevent mice from being attracted to your property. This includes, but is not limited to locking your garbage bins, not leaving your pet food outside, and fixing leaky pipes where water comes through. This will minimize the chances, but will not entirely stop the mice in its tracks to find out what it can get its hands on inside especially during the colder months. 

To combat the mice’s presence effectively and to bring the mice population down to zero, it is highly advised that you hire a professional reputable mouse control service such as The Exterminators Inc. We have the technicians, the knowledge, and the equipment to deal with your mouse infestation easily like we have been doing for over a decade. You can expect to be mouse-free within a few weeks with the help of our licensed insured technicians. Call Pest Control Toronto, and we will let you know how we do it!