are tenants or landlords responsible for pest control

Are Tenants or Landlords Responsible for Pest Control?

Seeing rats in your rental unit can be incredibly frustrating as a tenant. It can also be frustrating as a landlord who wants to keep their properties pest-free. The presence of rats within a rental unit can cause tension as both parties may not feel responsible for them, but the rodents should absolutely be removed. Rats are carriers of dangerous disease and will damage the structure of the building over time. In Ontario, the law states that landlords are responsible for pest control. If you are a landlord, or a tenant with a lot of questions, feel free to give The Exterminators a call.

The Landlord and Tenant Board of Ontario (LTB) states that landlords are responsible for pest control. Landlords within the province are expected to care for their rental properties, meeting standards related to health, safety, and maintenance. Thus, landlords must take action when notified of an infestation on their property. If there are rodents or other pests in your unit, you should notify your landlord immediately so that he or she can hire a pest remover. Describe to your landlord exactly what has been going on and ask them for help. If you are a landlord, communicate with your tenants so you can reach an understanding.

Once notified of the issue, the landlord should get professional help. Tenants should then be given 24 hours’ notice and informed of anything they should do in preparation for the treatment. The LTB requires a 24-hour notice for any instance in which a landlord or technician enters a tenant’s unit. If this involves a multi-residential building, such as a high-rise, the landlord must also inform the surrounding neighbours of the treatment taking place. If you are a tenant, it is recommended that you are present during the treatment. This way, you can speak directly with the technician and listen to any advice he or she may have to give.

While landlords are responsible for pest control, tenants are still responsible for the general upkeep of their rental units. This means that, if you are renting somewhere, you should do what you can to help with the extermination process. Keep the unit clean and tidy. Avoid leaving any food out overnight and be sure to take the garbage out regularly. Store foods in tightly sealed containers. Removing food like this will encourage the rats in your unit to consume the baits the technician placed throughout. If you have any other concerns, such as a structural issue that is bringing pests in, speak with your landlord.

Pest control issues can be a serious burden to those involved, but they can easily be solved with quick intervention. Regular maintenance and clear communication between landlord and tenant are key. If you suspect an infestation of pests on your property, reach out to The Exterminators. Our technicians are experienced in pest removal and will treat your units with tenants in mind. We only use the safest and most effective pest removal methods out there. We can also inspect your property from top to bottom and pest-proof it to help prevent any more pest problems from happening. Call The Exterminators now: 647-496-2211.