Are Rats Smart Enough To Avoid Traps ?

Are Rats Smart Enough To Avoid Traps?

You heard scratching noises at night and in the morning you discovered gnawed objects around your kitchen area. You did a brief search on the internet and you found out that you have rat invaders in your dwelling. You purchased and installed a few traps around your property and days passed without any outcome. Why would this be happening if traps are made to capture those little critters? In all honesty there is not a  straight answer to that since there are many factors to take into consideration. Rats reproduce at a very fast rate, therefore, do not make yourself share your house with other tenants who live rent-free. Contact our Rat Exterminator Toronto Experts for immediate results.

The first big mistake that inexperienced homeowners tend to do is actually purchasing the wrong trap. It is important for you to identify the type of the rodent that you are dealing with to get the desired results. For example, rats can be more than double in size compared to a regular house mouse. In that event, you will obviously fail catching a rat with a mice trap and vice versa. Signs such as noises, the colour, number and size of fecal pellets and the size of gnaw markings will help you identify the type rodent. Once you have actually identified that you are dealing with rats, then you should go even more specific and determine the type of rat. That is important to know if you are using bait to trap them. Different types of rats have different eating habits and the appropriate lure will lead you to a more probable successful outcome. And if you are a warehouse manger to should learn how to get rid of rats in warehouse.

In conjunction with that, rats are extremely intelligent and suspicious animals and that is another reason why solely traditional traps are not capable of eliminating a rat problem permanently. First thing is that rats are very cautious about any new objects that appear within their environment. Therefore, it will get some time for a rat to actually get caught in a trap you placed. If you wish to increase those chances, place multiple bait around the locations with the most rat activity. Rats are sensitive to odours and that will make them feel “familiar with” the traps sooner. Moreover, when you encounter one rat, the chances are that there are many more around.

 You should thus consider that after catching one rat or two, the rest of the population will get to know the tricks and therefore learn how to avoid unpleasant events, just for the sake of a bite.

In conclusion, rats are intelligent beings that train themselves to avoid traps, whilst they always come with alternative plans to survive and reproduce. They tend to breed and multiply at a ferociously fast pace resulting in a rat family to turn into a rat infestation within a short period of time. At the same time, they carry multiple diseases that can put our health at serious risk. Don’t take that chance and hire a professional pest control company to provide you a rat-free property. Contact Pest Control in Toronto – The Exterminators.