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How Do Ants Get Into Your Home?

During the spring and summer months, many homeowners find themselves dealing with ants invading their homes. If you’re dealing with an ant problem inside your house, you may be wondering how exactly the ants are getting into your home. Call to schedule an inspection with The Exterminators. We offer complete and guaranteed ant extermination services. Call: 647-496-2211
The truth is that there are many ways in which ants get into people’s homes. They are tiny insects and can get into cracks and crevices that are so small that they are not detected until they have become a problem. They can get in through small openings around windows and doors. Many times you can find out where the ants are coming in by simply observing them. Ants usually come into your home seeking food and water.

If your house isn’t very clean and especially if there are crumbs laying around, ants smell the food and follow the scent inside. Often you can see a long line of ants going from the entry-point into your home to the food source and another line of ants going back to the queen with food.  Ants are also attracted to pet food, so if you have a dog or cat it is best to not leave their food sitting out all day where ants will be drawn to it. Once a few ants get in and find a food source, you can expect more and more to keep coming in as long as a food source is still available.

For this reason, the most effective way to eliminate ants from your home or to prevent an ant problem from occurring in the first place is by maintaining a clean home. Make sure your floors are clean and no dirty dishes with food on them are lurking around. Along with keeping your house clean, if you can find the entry point that the ants are using and seal it off, you can usually eliminate the ant problem and prevent any future infestations.

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