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Whether it is a barbecue party outdoors or even leaving open the window of your home in the evenings, mosquitoes have never really needed an invitation to come over and spoil the fun. From leaving nasty bite marks that itch away to spreading serious diseases, mosquitoes have left no stone unturned in antagonizing their victims.

Mosquitoes – The Threat

While in most species, the female mosquito is the one that feeds on blood through its proboscis, these mosquitoes may not cause a lot of loss of blood – although having an insect suck your blood is always an unsettling thought – but the fact that they have the ability to spread serious diseases through this action is enough to make us wary of them.

Some of the major diseases that mosquitoes are capable of spreading include Malaria, the West Nile Virus, Chikungunya, the Zika Virus, Yellow Fever and Dengue. Those who have heard about these diseases will also know that most of them are capable of even causing death when left untreated. Mosquitoes have proved just how dangerous they are several times, especially in underdeveloped and developing countries where they are rampant. These insects cause hundreds of deaths each year even today and at times, it is indeed difficult to comprehend how such a tiny creature could cause such widespread havoc.

A long list of facts supports the claim that even when it’s a single mosquito that you find hovering about your home or place or business, you need to take it seriously. Killing these mosquitoes with easily available and over-the-counter sprays is only half the job done, as their larvae could be lurking around to grow into another generation of these nasty insects. Therefore, calling upon the services of a pest control company is always a safer bet.

At The Exterminators – Mosquito Control, we have all the right resources to track down mosquitoes as well as their larvae, and eliminate these threats so that your home or business stays mosquito-free for a long time. Call us on 647-496-2211 today for comprehensive solutions to your mosquito problems!

Mosquitoes – The Species

Mosquitoes belong to the order Diptera, the same as flies, and constitute the family Culicidae. In most species, the female mosquito of the species is the ectoparasite, piercing the skin of the victims to suck blood through their tube-like modification that is known as a proboscis.

As far as the list of hosts go, mosquitoes have a wide range indeed. In addition to human beings and other mammals, mosquitoes also have amphibians, reptiles, birds, and even some kinds of fish on their list of victims. Some mosquito species have even been known to feast on arthropods.

As a species, mosquitoes are millions of years old, with the first signs of their kind dating back to at least a 100 million years old. So you can only imagine how hardy these species are already. All over the world, thousands of species of mosquitoes have been found, with around 3500 of them being attributed descriptions.

There are two main classes of mosquitoes – the Anophelinae and the Culicinae. This classification is broadly based on the types of diseases that mosquitoes from each class are capable of spreading.

Mosquitoes – Diseases and Viruses

In the case of mosquitoes, while the sucking of the blood itself doesn’t cause a lot of harm, only leaving a victim with a nasty welt or itchy rash, the contact with their saliva is what eventually exposes a host to a string of diseases and viruses.

Mosquitoes are a species that can carry deadly viruses from one host to another without being affected by these viruses themselves, and this makes them classic carriers of some of the most dangerous diseases in the world.

The Aedes Aegypti mosquito, for example, is capable of spreading some of the world’s deadliest virus-borne diseases such as Chikungunya, Yellow Fever and Dengue Fever. These mosquitoes are the most rampant in South Central Asia, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. Every year, hundreds of people contract these diseases through mosquito bites, and some of them, in the absence of timely treatment, even die.

The female counterparts of the Anopheles mosquito are another dangerous species, capable of carrying the string of parasitic diseases that are known commonly as Malaria. Mosquitoes are also capable of carrying Lymphatic Filariasis, which is primarily responsible for Elephantiasis, the West Nile Virus, the Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus, and Francisella Tularensis which causes Tularemia, a bacterial disease.

Fortunately, the spread of the HIV virus is one major threat we can strike off this list, otherwise one wouldn’t even be able to comprehend how much havoc these species could have caused.

Therefore, in the light of these long list of diseases, or simply because of the nuisance these creatures cause, it is indeed important to control the spread of mosquitoes. Any sign of even a single member of these species should be taken seriously, as even a single mosquito is enough to spread serious illnesses.

While fatalities all over the world have decreased due to timely and easily available treatment methods, the fact remains that mosquitoes form the deadliest animal family known to human beings even today.

The Exterminators – Mosquito Control

At The Exterminators – Mosquito Control, we know just how dangerous mosquitoes can be, spreading serious diseases and causing health hazards that we could all do without. Even a single mosquito has the capability of spreading these diseases and viruses like Malaria, the West Nile Virus, Chikungunya, the Zika Virus, Yellow Fever and Dengue.

Therefore, the presence of even a single representative of this species should not be taken lightly. Moreover, if you find a few hovering about, you can be sure that their larvae are ready and waiting to grow up in no time and cause a full-fledged infestation.

Our team of technicians at The Exterminators – Mosquito Control therefore thoroughly inspect your property for not only mosquitoes but also zero in on possible locations for their larvae, after which they go about eliminating both these threats so that your home or business is mosquito-free in the true sense.

Call us today on 647-496-2211 for an inspection appointment and we will promptly visit your property with the right solutions to your mosquito problems. Our guaranteed and affordable services also come with a 6-month warranty.