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The Oriental Cockroach, also commonly referred to as the Waterbug, is a scarily large species of cockroach, and unfortunately this species is part of the list that makes up the list of household pests. Measuring between 18 to 27 millimeters in size, Oriental cockroaches prefer moist yet warm places and can often be found near locations that have a considerable amount of moisture like sinks, drains or even damp basements in homes.

One of the main reasons for cockroaches to find dwellings that are closer to human habitat is that humans prefer the same temperatures that cockroaches do, and so is the case with the Oriental cockroach too. The ideal temperature for this species of cockroach to thrive is between 68 and 84 Degrees Fahrenheit, pretty close to what we humans prefer! In addition to this, there are also a lot of damp places that are found in and around a household, yet another perfect reason for these cockroaches to set up home around us.

Oriental cockroaches can be quite scary due to their size, and moreover, they are quite difficult to get rid of too. In most cases, the intervention of a professional extermination agency would be required to rid your property of these pests.

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Appearance and Characteristics

Oriental cockroaches are dark brown to black in color and have a glossy body that tends to make them look even bigger than they already are! The adult male of this species measures between 18 and 29 millimeters, while the female cockroaches are even bigger, measuring between 20 and 27 millimeters. The females also have wider bodies than their male counterparts.

The female oriental cockroach has two short wings right below her head, while the male of the species has longer wings that cover about two-thirds of its abdomen. While the wings of the female are of no use, the ones in the male allow them to take flight when necessary, letting them make a distance of up to 3 meters. Flying, however, is extremely rare and almost non-existent even with the males.

Oriental cockroaches prefer places that have temperatures ranging between 68 and 84 Degrees Fahrenheit, and require the are to have higher levels of humidity too. Indoors, damp basements, moist porches, washing machines, sewer pipes, drains and other damp areas are their favorite haunts, while outdoors, they can be found under mulch or just about any other warm and moist location.

Health Hazards

Since Oriental cockroaches primarily survive on decaying matter and the filth that is found in places like sewer pipes and the likes, they pose quite a lot of danger on the health front. Capable of carrying various bacteria and viruses on their bodies, any surface or food item that these cockroaches come in contact with is eventually left behind with a wide range of disease-causing organisms. Their very presence can also cause allergies.


Due to their size and ability to stay below the radar in places that are usually hidden from view, as well as their tendency to go foraging only after dark, infestations of Oriental cockroaches are often found only when they have reached large numbers. Therefore, it is always a good idea to hire the services of an extermination agency, since these cockroaches are also difficult to get rid of. For oriental cockroach problems Toronto call The Exterminators: 647-496-2211

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