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They have been around for more than 300 million years – way before the first humans roamed the planet – and in all probability, will be here long after the human race has vanished. That is how hardy and adaptable these nasty insects and even in the civilized world, we can’t help but have these pests as neighbors. And when it comes to cockroaches, the German Cockroach (Latin name Blatella Germanica) is widely recognized as one of the most commonly found pest cockroaches in the world today.

Whether it is a restaurant, a home, a business, a school, a hospital, an apartment or just about any other place where a cockroach has enough reasons to thrive, there is every possibility of finding cockroaches, and in all probability, German cockroaches would be a part of that infestation.

The good news is that out of the more than 3500 species of cockroaches that are found all over the planet, there are only a handful that prove to be pests on the human habitat front. Well, this may sound like a blessing in a way, but the handful that are on the list of pests are more than enough to create havoc too, and the German cockroach certainly tops the list here.

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Appearance and Characteristics

The German cockroach are light brown, tan or blackish in color and have two horizontal black-colored stripes starting from behind their head all the way down to the base of their wings. In spite of the presence of wings, however, German cockroaches do not fly. However, they might choose to glide down to safety or into hiding in case they are surprised. When frightened, or even excited, they also emit a rather unpleasant odor.  An adult cockroach of this species measures between 11 and 16 millimeters.

German cockroaches are often mistaken for Asian cockroaches due to the similarities between them at first glance. Asian cockroaches however, unlike their German counterparts, are attracted to light and can also fly quite well. German cockroaches are mostly nocturnal, and choose to scavenge during the night, or in places that are dark. They cannot survive really low temperatures, and therefore, humans – who love to keep themselves warm too – are their natural cohabitants, and the fact that humans do not want them as neighbors doesn’t really bother them either!

German Cockroach Diet

When it comes to food, the German cockroach, like most other pest cockroaches, would eat just about anything. Highly omnivorous, this species of cockroach prefers meats, sugars and fatty foods. In case of scarcity with these items, these cockroaches can even survive on other items such as toothpaste, soap or even glue.

In fact, when left with no other option, German cockroaches even turn into cannibals, chewing on each other’s wings and legs!

German Cockroach Extermination

Since the German cockroach is highly capable of spreading serious diseases and illnesses such as Dysentery, Food Poisoning and Diarrhea as well as triggering troublesome allergies, it is highly recommended that they be eliminated from human habitat, whether it is a home or an office.

Moreover, since a thorough inspection is required to pin down and exterminate all the hidden cockroaches present on a property to eliminate the threat, it is always a good idea to hire the services of a professional cockroach control agency. Call The Exterminators for all your cockroach problems Toronto: 647-496-2211

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