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Probably the most common pest infesting food service institutions, houses as well as other establishments are cockroaches.  Roaches are repulsive and objectionable to the majority of folks just by their own existence. They’re also able to mechanically transmit disease microorganisms like the microorganisms which cause food-poisoning. Cockroaches can trigger allergic reactions and asthma. Roaches commonly become established in houses after being launched in food bags, with washing or, in certain instances, wandering in from outside. Once roaches become established they’re prolific breeders effective at creating thousands of offspring within a year.

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Getting Rid of Cockroaches

Our licensed exterminators can create and execute a customized strategy that will work for your situation. Roach control methodologies practiced by our well trained and experienced technicians include boric acid application, roach baits, and hydramethylnon gel. Using solid and gel baits is one of the most effect way of handling this pest. Adhesive traps or sticky traps work in reducing a cockroach population. They work but they dont work fast enough to reduce a population. Professionals exterminators use these traps primarily for insect activity monitoring and not as an effective way to control a problem. A complete cleaning of hiding places is likewise quite useful in minimizing cockroach populations. Roaches would rather dwell where there’s wetness, heat and food. Sterilization is an essential part of avoidance and management, because cockroaches boom where food and wetness are easily accessible.

Avoiding A Cockroach Infestation

A successful cockroach plan is dependent upon good sanitation in attempts at remove the water, food and warmth these creatures require for survival. Removing all food sources is imperative. Even the smallest amount of organic matter can be an attractant. Unlike a lot of household pests, roaches are common year round. Aside from removing food sources, removing their hiding spots is also very important. You should remove any cardboard boxes, clutter, unused appliances and items from kitchen cabinets. There are many parasites and natural predators for roaches, but few of these have been shown to be extremely efficient in attempts at natural control. Also, non of these predators exist in your kitchen.

German Cockroach

The German cockroach is light brown, tan or blackish in color and have two horizontal black-colored stripes starting from behind their head all the way down to the base of their wings. In spite of the presence of wings, however, German cockroaches do not fly. However, they might choose to glide down to safety or into hiding in case they are surprised. They are fast. When frightened, or even excited, they also emit a rather unpleasant odor.

Brown-Banded Cockroach

The Brown-Banded Cockroach is among the smallest of cockroaches and due to its distinct color, is easily distinguishable from the others. Ranging between 10 and 14.5 millimeters in length, these cockroaches are highly adaptable and don’t even need a subsequent amount of moisture to survive.

Oriental Cockroach

Oriental cockroaches are dark brown to black in color and have a glossy body that tends to make them look even bigger than they already are! The adult male of this species measures between 18 and 29 millimeters, while the female cockroaches are even bigger, measuring between 20 and 27 millimeters. The females also have wider bodies than their male counterparts.

Cockroach Control Solutions

Over the counter solutions can be applied with some degree of effectiveness. However, professionally applied solutions are much more effective. Also, centipedes are natural predators. While many homeowners discover centipedes themselves grotesque, your house centipede is likely the best control agent against roaches.

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Cockroach treatment performed by licensed exterminators. The insecticide treatment flushes the insects out from their hiding spots and has an immediate know-down effect. Insecticides will provide a residual effect making them lethal to cockroaches for weeks after the treatment is complete. Safe, environmentally friendly and guaranteed cockroach extermination.

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