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At The Exterminators we understand the behavior as well as lifecycle of fleas and know just how tough it can be to rid of a property of a flea infestation. Our customized service plans allow us to prepare a comprehensive layout for every pest control problem, which means that no matter how small or big your pest problem, we will devise a perfect plan for you that will be affordable as well as efficient. Our thorough inspections ensure that no part of your property is left untreated, and to back up our guaranteed services, we also have a six-month warranty to put your mind at ease.

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Fleas are a scourge that humans and animals have been fighting for centuries now, and even today, in spite of the amount of urbanization and associated hygiene, fleas have managed to maintain their position as bloodsucking parasites. While fleas are usually associated with causing a nuisance to dogs, cats and even birds, these insects do not hesitate to attack humans in a bid to satiate their craving for blood, and this is only the beginning of it all. Fierce breeders, a single flea is capable of laying as much as 60 eggs in a single day, so you can only imagine how fast the presence of only a few fleas in your home or office can turn into a full-fledged nightmare.

Why are Fleas a Problem?

At home, it is usually pets like cats and dogs that are the cause of a flea infestation. These animals are natural hosts when it comes to an urban environment and they can pick up fleas from anywhere. The park, the roadside, and other pets are all possible places for your pets to pick up fleas and then, deposit them in your home.

In an office, the presence of birds could be a possible cause for a flea infestation. Fleas can also be carried in through the employees or visitors in an office. If these people have fleas on their pets at home, they can easily carry it to the office through their clothes or other belongings. Fleas have no qualms in travelling along in search of new hosts – that’s exactly how they spread – so if you have anyone who has fleas at home, it is possible that every place they visit is vulnerable to develop a flea infestation.

At The Exterminators, we understand the life cycle of fleas, their behavior, and are also aware of how serious and threatening a flea infestation can be to you. Living with parasites that feed on the blood of your pets and even your family is never a good thing and our timely solutions and professional services will help you get rid of this problem in a systematic manner.

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Flea Biology

Fleas form the order Siphonaptera and are wingless insects with adapted mouth parts that are used for sucking blood from their list of hosts primarily made up of mammals and birds. Some of the common types of fleas out of the 2000 species that are found all over the world are Cat Fleas, Dog Fleas, Human Fleas, Moorhen Fleas, Northern Rat Fleas and Oriental Rat Fleas.

They are usually dark in color and their long pair of hind legs allow them to jump really high, up to 18 centimeters in height and 33 centimeters in length. If a human could jump as well as a flea, one could jump as high as 160 feet and as far as 295 feet!

Contrary to their size, fleas have quite tough bodies and easily survive high amounts of pressure. This is why we often find that even mashing a flea between your fingers doesn’t kill it!

Flea eggs are laid in batches of around 20 and since these are mostly laid on the bodies of hosts, they are often found around the area where the hosts settle themselves. These eggs take anywhere between two days to a couple of weeks to hatch. Flea larvae primarily feed on organic matter, especially the feces of adult fleas. Their growth and survival depends upon the diet they get. With a good amount of healthy food, these larvae mature into pupae in a week or two after which they mature into adults in another couple of weeks.

A flea population is mostly made up of 5% adults, 10% pupae, 35% larvae and 50% eggs. In a lifetime, female fleas can lay up to 5000 eggs, so even if you find a few fleas around, a full-fledged infestation is always around the corner!

Do It Yourself Flea Control – Does It Work?

Firstly, fleas are tiny little parasites, measuring between 1.5 to 3 millimeters, and hence not readily visible to the naked eye, especially if they blend in with the background. Moreover, fleas are usually found on cats and dogs and hide well in their thick coats, thereby making it almost impossible to know they are around.

This factor gives them plenty of time to breed and therefore, it is often found that by the time a home or business owner realizes that he has fleas around his property, it has already grown into a serious infestation.

When it comes to flea control, we need to understand that fleas are just like cockroaches. They have been around for a long time and have been extremely successful in adapting to the changing times. Even when it comes to flea control insecticides, fleas have developed immunity to certain chemicals over several generations. Therefore, what worked a few years back may simply not work today.

Moreover, since fleas can deposit themselves in any environment or setting, it is difficult to pin them down and track their infestation. Professional services are therefore the best bet. Apart from eradicating the fleas, professional exterminators also ensure that their eggs – cocoons can go into hibernation for up to a year without any food resources – are found and eliminated.

Guaranteed Flea Exterminations

Hire the right pest control company to perform a flea treatment. At The Exterminators we have access to a wide variety of products and techniques to put an end to your flea infestation once and for all. A typical flea extermination would involve the use of residual crack and crevice spray as well as the use of an insect growth regulator. Whether it is dog or cat fleas or even ticks we can help. Our exterminations are guaranteed and are backed by a 6 month warranty. If you are a concerned pet owner not that our treatments are 100% pet friendly.

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If pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers pest free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure pests are gone and our customers are happy. Call The Exterminators for Flea Control Toronto solutions.

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