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Carpenter ant control Toronto. Ants are persistent pests, and part of what makes them such a problem is how fast they can proliferate. At first, a new queen will only lay 5 to 15 eggs twice a year. However, as the colony grows, her rate of production will increase. As time goes on, she can easily produce larger and larger batches of colony workers. By the time you know it, you could have hundreds of ants swarming your home.

Despite your best efforts, you might find it difficult to get rid of carpenter ants. Fortunately, our trained technicians can provide you with comprehensive solutions. We do not stop until every last ant is gone. We go beyond treating your home. Our technicians work to locate the nest and eliminate the entire carpenter ant colony.

The only way to stop a colony of ants in their tracks is to ensure that we obliterate the nest, particularly the queen. The queen’s primary job is to lay eggs to ensure the colony’s growth. Our ant control Toronto solutions eliminate the colony, including the queen, ensure that you no longer have to deal with carpenter ants invading your home or business.


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Carpenter Ant Identification

Ants of any kind are a nuisance in Toronto, but carpenter ants seem particularly pesky because of the damages they can create to wood structures and objects. It is important that you are able to identify the carpenter ant. You can identify the carpenter ant by the following characteristics:

  • Coloration:The carpenter ant is most commonly black. However, they can also have a reddish, or even a yellowish color to them. In fact, their color range may include dark black, black and red, red, dark brown, light black, yellow, yellowish-tan, light brown, and orange.
  • Physical features:The carpenter ant has large mandibles they use to chew through wood. They also have a rounded thorax. You may also notice that they have bent, beaded antennae. The carpenter ant is also one of the largest ants of between 3.4 and 13 mm in length.

Proper identification of the carpenter ant can help you understand which ant is currently giving your problems. Keep in mind that there are other ways you can identify this species of ant aside from physical characteristics. For instance, you can look for piles of sawdust aside holes in wood structures. As they dig through wood, they deposit the wood outside the openings to their tunnels.

Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants do not eat wood. Instead, they dig through it so they can create a network of tunnels. Therefore, you may notice grooves in wooden objects, openings to what are likely the entrances to their nest, and the sawdust piles you will often find just outside their tunnels.

The carpenter ant is often mistaken for a termite, but it is important to realize that termites eat wood. Therefore, you will not find piles of sawdust. Also, termites will create mud tubes leading to their nest rather than holes in wooden objects.

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We are so sure of the services we provide that we offer a guarantee. If pests return within a certain period after we provide our services, we will also return. We will finish the job the right way free of charge to you. We encourage you to reach out to The Exterminators for all of your carpenter ant control Toronto needs.

Are Carpenter Ants a Concern?

Aside from being a nuisance, an infestation of carpenter ants can create concerns for home and business owners. Since they dig through wood and create several tunnels, they can weaken structures or objects from the inside out. If left unchecked and allowed to proliferate, carpenter ants can create significant structural damages. They can also create unappealing cosmetic damages.

It is best to contact a professional as soon as you suspect an infestation of carpenter ants. Our qualified technicians can provide you with carpenter ant control to ensure your home or business remains free of ants. One way to determine if you have a rather large infestation on your hands is to use your ears. When dealing with a large infestation, you may hear a quiet rustling behind your walls, which is the sound of them chewing through wood.

How Do I Get Rid of Carpenter Ants?

There are ways you can control a carpenter ant infestation. The first step is to locate the nest. While it might be tempting to spray ants on contact, it is best not to. Instead, follow the ants to see where they go. They will often lead you directly back to their nest. Once located, our technicians will work to eliminate the nest using effective treatment methods.

Make sure you call us immediately. The sooner you tackle an infestation of carpenter ants, the better. In fact, the sooner we treat the problem, the less likely it is that you will have to deal with expensive structural and cosmetic repairs. After we eliminate the colony, we will work with you to make your home or business less attractive to carpenter ants. The goal is to make sure that ants do not want to come back.

Hiring a Professional is Better Than the DIY Approach

You may often find several DIY suggestions for carpenter ant control and elimination. Unfortunately, most of the DIY suggestions you find are not effective enough. Many home and business owners struggle to eliminate a carpenter ant infestation when they take the DIY route. That is not to say there are things you cannot do.

For instance, you should remove decaying wood from outside your home or business since decaying wood can serve as a great residence for carpenter ants. You should also make sure you keep your space clean and clear of crumbs and other traces of foods. Ants will eat just about any of the foods that you eat. They especially love meats and sweet, sugary foods.

Keeping your space clean makes ants do not have a food source, which helps to make your home or business less attractive. Aside from that, the best way to handle a carpenter ant infestation is to contact a qualified professional. Call The Exterminators to find out more about how our technicians can provide you with carpenter ant control solutions.

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