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We take pride in our work and customer feedback is very important to us. If have reached this page you are one of our valuable customers. Everyone at The Exterminators team would be very thankful if you took the time to write us a short review for the services provided. Once you submit your testimonial or feedback it will be posted live bellow. This is a brand new feature of our website and we are looking forward to gathering more reviews.

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Ongoing Mouse Problem

We have been dealing with mice for a few months before we called The exterminators. We tried mouse traps, poison from the hardware store but nothing worked. It has been almost a years since we had our treatment and we haven’t seen any signs of mice.


Carpenter Ant Infestation

We hired the guys from The Exterminators for a carpenter ant problem. Dylan found and treated the nest and the problem is solved. We are very happy with the service.


Cockroaches in Kitchen

Started seeing cockroaches in my kitchen. The Exterminators came and treated. They guided me through the entire process and now I am cockroach free.


Bed Bugs

We had bed bugs and after the treatment they are gone. The guys did the main treatment and then there were no signs of bed bugs after the second visit. It has been almost a month. Thank you

Bed Bugs

Raccoon Prevention

Raccoon proofed all potential entry points.Pesky creatures tried re entering after 2 years of being free of them.Inhabit the area being in the Rouge Valley and roam around at all times of the day.The company trapped 3 and took them away, but the area has many more.Intially entered our roof in 2015. In the spring of that year, Richard cleaned, disinfected and sealed the entrance with the galvanized mesh.In 2017 spring , they tried entering again(instinct to return), so Richard had to re -enforce and we accepted raccoon proofing all potential entry points.
We are very happy with the service rendered from Richard, Tom and Simon and have referred them to other home owners also in the area and to my sister who had a squirrel in her roof.The company is professional, caring and friendly and I would recommend them.We did shop around intially and some weird unprofessional people turned up!!

Lorna Lobo

Ant control Toronto

Great and fast service!


Mice Control Services

I had an issue with mice and Simon was very helpful and explained the whole process step by step. So all mice are gone now after the treatment!



Years of overly enthusiastic bird-feeding led to rats taking up residence under our deck and then under the dining extension. The Exterminators have been on the case, and we have only good things to say about them. Richard is super knowledgeable and efficient, besides being fun to talk to, and the assistants who’ve come with him seem equally attuned to dealing with wildlife. When we discovered that remnants of the tribe were still lurking, The Exterminators followed up carefully. We’ve had traps, bait stations, barricades with an exit door, more traps and bait stations, plus careful looking for where they might find entrance. We recommend Richard and The Exterminators highly. (He also got rid of the wasp nests in my neighbour’s house.)

Pamela Harris

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