Wasp Bait – 1L


Suterra Wasp Bait. An eco friendly product that attracts wasps and not bees. This bait is ideal for use with the wasp bag and wasp domes. The 1 L container will provide lasting protection against wasps as it can refill containers several times.

Suterra Wasp Bait from Suterra is just a high-powered wasp lure designed to be used to attract wasps from multiple areas including gardens, patios, restaurants, and common public areas. Basically utilize the amount of wasp trap given in your requirements and devote an area that’s a long way away from individuals and animals (the farthest part of the backyard). The bait can be mixed with water could during warmer months if it becomes dried. Water re-activates the component keeping it attracting wasps. Suterra wasp trap includes a component which repels bees. The Exterminators Inc. offers a complete range of wasp control products and guaranteed wasp removal Toronto services.