Suterra Trappit Fillable Wasp Bag


Trappit Wasp Bag is a highly effective, safe and easy to use wasp control system from Suterra. Trappit Wasp Bags are used in conjunction with Suterra Wasp Bait to draw wasps away from areas such as gardens, restaurants and general communal areas.Wasp bait sold separately.

Disposable outdoor wasp trapping system for use with Suterra Liquid Wasp Bait. Highly effective with a capacity for thousands of wasps. When full, close the cap and dispose of in normal waste. Simply hang in a location which is away from people (e.g. the furthest corner of a garden) and leave for 4-6 weeks or until the bag is completely full of dead wasps. In hotter seasons, water can be added to the bag if it becomes dry to re-activate the ingredient. Wasp bait sold separately. The Exterminators Inc. offers a complete range of wasp control products and guaranteed wasp removal Toronto services.