Big Snap-E Rat Traps


  • Easy to bait. Easy to set. Easy to release.
  • Sanitary disposal and easy cleaning.
  • Never touch the critter to release
  • Strike bar travels half the distance of old-fashioned wooden trap.
  • Pre-Formed bait cup minimizes bait stealing.
  • Made from steel and durable polystyrene.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Reusable.


Rodents have no escape time and once caught, they stay caught.Big Snap-E is the end of the road for rats and other large rodents.

Easy set, and lethal. Easy to clean too. Your fingers will never touch the rodent.Simple To Bait: place bait in bait cup. The special bait cup makes it impossible for rodents to steal the bait without getting trapped.Easy to Set: Place set trap on flat surface with kill side against a wall. Pull back the upper bar slowly and make sure it firmly catches.
Easy to Clean: Once the rat is captured pull back the bar for easy release.Steel and durable polystyrene materials guarantee that the trap will last for years. Smart engineering with the quick catch mechanisms guarantees a kill every time. Extra-large trip paddle and 90 degree strike bar. Double response speed.
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