Bells T-Rex Rat Trap


Use what the professionals use! The trap features a removable bait cup that can be removed and re-attached for easy and safe reloading.

T-Rex Rat Trap

With its ferocious grip, TRAPPER T-REX Rat Snap Trap gives superior trapping power for chemical-free accounts or special situations. TRAPPER T-REX combines trigger sensitivity with the exact trap velocity needed to capture and hold rats.

There is no doubt there is an increased activity of rats in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. It seems that no matter what the officials do, these pesky rodents keep multiplying. You might have already tried over-the-counter solutions but to no avail. Or maybe you are not even aware of whether you have a pest infestation and need to find a reputable rat control company.

Do I Have a Rat Infestation Problem?

If you never had to deal with the actual rat infestation, pinpointing the signs might be quite complicated. However, there are specific obvious clues that can show you for sure that you are dealing with the real infestation. If you notice any 3 of the below, the chances are that you have rats in your home and you need to deal with this problem ASAP:

  • Many dark and moist rat droppings
  • Gnaw marks on your food packages
  • Foul odour (this is the most obvious sign)
  • Rat nests in remote locations in your home or in the basement
  • Weird sounds coming from your attic

Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Rat Exterminator in Toronto

The best solution to your problem is to hire a licensed pest exterminator. The benefits of hiring a professional greatly outweigh the cons. Here are five comprehensive reasons why it is paramount to hire the experienced licensed exterminator to perform the pest control work of rat extermination instead of doing it yourself.

1. Save time & money: probably the most important benefit is that you can save yourself a lot of money and time by hiring the expert. Over-the-counter and do-it-yourself solutions are not just extremely expensive, but most of them are ineffective. They have a high failure rate and most of them are not approved for use in Ontario. To top it all, hiring the rat exterminator saves you a lot of precious time, which you can use for more important tasks.

2. Gain peace of mind: you and your family will be able to sleep much better knowing that the problem has been dealt with.

3. 100% results: the professional rat exterminator ensures that there are no rats left in your home or the vicinity once they finish. Not the same can be said about do-it-yourself methods.

4. Become more educated: a good local pest control company in Toronto will not just spray your home and leave. They will educate you on how to stay protected against further potential pest invasions

5. No risk of illnesses: rodent droppings can make your family members fall ill. Even worse, the pesticides you can buy from stores can endanger your health. Hiring the professional pet exterminator company will help you avoid any unpleasant health side effects and keep your family safe.

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