Victor Tin Cat Live Catch Trap


  • For Catching And Releasing Mice If You Do Not Want To See Or Touch Them
  • Easy To Use Humane Mouse Trap
  • Catches Up To 30 Mice
  • Disposable Or Reusable – Depending On Your Preference
  • Can Be Used Around Food, Water, Children And Pets
  • Can be used with or without Victor Tin Cat Glue Boards
  • The Glue Boards Will Make The Trap Lethal

Can be a low profile steel lure that may be utilized inside or outside company, condo or your house. Each station it is reusable and may catch-up to 30 mice at the same time. These barriers include no toxins , nor kill the mice unless the glue boards are used. The victor tin cats can be used around kids, water, food and animals.

Using its slender, low profile style, Victor TIN CATS can be used discreetly throughout the house in tight spaces, under furniture, in drop ceilings or in cabinets in the kitchen. If you don’t use the glue boards you can easily set rodents free into the wild and away from your home as long as you follow local and municipal guidelines.

To improve the usefulness and ease of use of the trap, you can use the Victor Glue Boards specifically designed for the tin cat. The glue boards will make escape impossible and will be lethal to the animal.