Trapper MC Pest Monitor Package


The Trapper MC Pest monitor is an ideal tool to capture mice and insects for monitoring purposes. The included banana scented glue board will attract pests in close proximity. The tunnel replicates the ideal hiding spot for small rodents such as mice.

  • Easy to use
  • Captures mice and insects
  • Ease to maintain
  • Lockable
  • At least one glue board is required
  • Glue boards are lethal to rodents and insects

Select the number of glue boards and pest monitors and build your own mouse pest monitoring package!


This lasting‚ reusable pest monitor may be used as an efficient tracking tool for both mice and insects with the Protecta MC Glue Trap. Clips hold the adhesive trap securely in the foundation of the Pest Monitor. Holes on all four sides let the computer screen to be accessed by insects while two bigger holes next to the walls are used for mice entry.

For tracking mice and insects, put a TRAPPER MC Glue Trap in the foundation, using the clips to support the adhesive trap securely in position. Mice enter through the two bigger holes which are next to the wall.