Catchmaster Fly Light Dynamite 911 – Insect Light Trap

$299.00 $245.00

The Catchmaster Fly Light Dynamite 911 is ideal for tight spots and difficult to deal with flying insect problems.

The Catchmaster Dynamite 911 Insect Light Trap features sleek design made to attract flies and flying insects. The Catchmaster #911 Insect Light Trap utilizes the power of direct UV light to attract flies from far distances. Once the flies hover around the unit, they instinctively seek the food attractant baits as well as the warmth of the bulb. UV resistant glue boards wrap around the bulb to safely and silently trap the flies. The Catchmaster® #911 Insect Light Trap provides a safe and sanitary solution for fly control. The Exterminators Inc. offer a variety of solutions for flying insects. Check our inventory for fly lights Toronto. We also offer a full ranger of extermination services for fly control Toronto.