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Getting Rid of Wasps in your Yard

Getting Rid of Wasps in your Yard

Wasps can mess your whole outdoor experience, and since they come out in large numbers during summer, it could be the difference between enjoying a good barbecue in your yard with friends and nursing a nasty sting on a perfect sunny afternoon. Getting rid of wasps in your yard is a risky affair, that is…

Wasp Nest Under Front Steps

Wasp Nest Under Front Steps

Warm weather naturally brings a bust of buzzing insects, among them are wasps. When we see a weird muddy or paper looking mass stuck in our living spaces the first instinct is to poke it. Children get ten times curious than adults, but destroying a wasp nest without proper information of what you are doing…

Wasp Nests in the Ground

Wasp Nests in the Ground

Most people would imagine a wasp nest under a shed, roof ceiling or tree, but did you know that some wasps build their nests in the ground? These wasps are known as ground wasps, sand wasps or digger wasps. Getting rid of a wasp nest is a tricky business, and if you are brave enough,…

Do Wasps Have Any Natural Predators?

Wasps are carnivores and prey on small insects and bugs including spiders, grasshoppers, bees and most pest insects. The wasps sting the prey to paralyze it before consuming or carrying it off to the nest to be fed to the offspring. Despite being vicious carnivores, wasps are part of the food chain and do have a…

Differences Between Wasps and Bees

While The Exterminators Inc. offers guaranteed wasp removal Toronto services we do not treat for bees. Read all about what the difference between wasps. Wasps and bees are quite similar in a number of ways as they both fall under the third largest order in the hierarchy of insects, called the Hymenopterans. However, there are…

Why You Need to Remove Wasp Nests

Discover reasons why you need to consider wasp nest removal Toronto. Wasps should never be underestimated in view of their fragile and small body structure as these tiny insects have a lot more intriguing qualities to them than you could imagine.

A Wasp’s Lifecycle – Wasp Nests During Winter

Read all about wasp’s life cycle and discover reasons why you need to consider wasp removal Toronto. There is a wide variety of wasp species and the reproduction of this insect depends on the species or sub-group that it falls under.

Bee and Wasp Sting Treatments – Yellow Jacket Stings

Bee and Wasp Sting Treatments Wasps are winged insects that belong to the order Hymenoptera and are often confused with bees. A highly evolved social insect, wasps are usually a bright yellow in color with prominent black stripes going around their abdomen and measure between 10 to 15 millimeters in length. While wasps usually go…