The Best Pest Control for Earwigs

The Best Pest Control for Earwigs

Earwigs are common in gardens throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Despite their large pincers, these are harmless little insects that feed mostly on decaying plants. Infestations indoors are rare, and they can be kept under control with regular maintenance. There are a variety of pest control products available to target earwigs and many strategies that…

Is Rat Extermination Really the Way to Move Forward

How Much Does a Rat Exterminator Cost

Rat extermination and pest control in general is full of misconceptions and myths. Rat extermination is a very affordable way to keep the rats out of your property for good without ever having to compromise for quality. Rat extermination is thought to be expensive because of precocieved notions we have about the field in general.…

How to control a rodent infestation?

What Attracts Rats to Your Home?

As hard as you have tried to stop them you can’t seem to understand how a rat gets in the house. That’s because there are several factors encouraging the continued invasion of your home by rats. And possibly are yet to deal with some other factors attracting rate to your residence or office. Rats are…