How To Get Rid Of Ants Fast – Follow These Simple Tips 

Having ants in your house can be stressful, and it can also destroy so many of your household items. In some instances, if not controlled, ants infestation can bring down the whole house. If you are wondering how to exterminate ants fast – follow these simple tips to ensure that your house is ants free:

 1. Find out where their nest is: Before you embark on finding the best way of getting rid of the ants, you should first find out where they have set their nest. This will help you assess the situation and know the best way to deal with them. It will also give you a clear view of the kind of ants you are dealing with. It is from here that you will know the best remedy to use. For you to find out where the ants’ nest is, you should leave something sweet out, and use it to bait the ants. You can then follow them to find out where they go.

2. Use natural remedies: The use of natural remedies to eliminate ants is one of the safest approaches you can take. Some of the products that work well include using cayenne pepper to repel them, spraying them with lemon solution, using strong odors such as onions, tea tree oil, and vinegar.

3. Prevent them from getting in: Prevention is always better than cure. So, the best way is to ensure that your house is clean, so that there is nothing to attract the ants. Take out your garbage, cover your sugary products, and wipe any spilled liquids that may cause an ants invasion. If you have pets, do not allow their foods to sit in the open, and they may attract the ants. You should also extend the cleanliness outside the house. Cut the twigs that are leaning against your window, remove the trash and destroy any nest that you can find outside. You should also seal cracks in your house so that they do not have a hiding place or entry point.

4. Use boric acid: Boric acid is known for destroying ants and preventing them from crawling into your house for a long time. Simply put it into cotton wool balls and place it near their nests. You can be sure that not only will they abandon the nest, but they will also leave your house. The smell of boric acid is too strong for them. You should however note that boric acid is poisonous, and should be used with care if you have children.

5. Call an exterminator: If the ants situation is too overwhelming, or you simply do not have the time to get rid of the ants, you can always call an exterminator. They will completely get rid of the ants and save you the stress of worrying about the risks associated with having ants in the house.

Whatever method you choose to use, always remember to get rid of the ants as soon as possible. If you let them stay in your house for long, then they will keep multiplying and they will in turn get more difficult to get rid of. For effective solutions to your ant problems call The Exterminators: 647-496-2211. We provide guaranteed solutions for all ants including pavement ant control Toronto.

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Joe The Exterminator
Joe The Exterminator

Joe is a professional pest control exterminator with over 15 years of experience and enjoys sharing his knowledge about different pests and how you can deal with them.